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GEMAŞ A.Ş. is a multidisciplined consulting engineering firm specialized in architectural, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering designs; fire protection, fuel storage/dispensing facilities and weak current installations such as telephone, data, CCTV and PA systems. Services include preparation of drawings, technical specifications, design analysis/engineering calculations, BOQs/cost estimates and supervision/inspection during construction. Fields of expertise are as follows:

Airfields: Runways, taxiways, taxitracks, parking aprons, airfield lighting, aircraft shelters, hangars, flight control towers and terminal facilities.

Military Facilities: Conventional or hardened military structures with CB, TEMPEST and EMP protection. Ammunition storage and maintenance facilities.

Fuel Facilities: Fuel storage tanks, pipelines,pump stations and fuel dispensing systems including hydrant refueling.

Utilities: Water supply, treatment and distribution. Electrical power supply and distribution. Sewage collection, treatment and disposal.

Transportation: Highways, expressways, railroads, bridges, viaducts and tunnels.

Industrial Facilities: Factory buildings and industrial plants.

Energy Sector: Dams and hydroelectric power plants. Water resources development. Thermal power plants. Diesel-engine power plants.

Community Facilities: Housing, dormitories, office buildings, hospitals, educational and health care facilities.

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