Project Name and Location  : Pipeline Tracing, Marking and Evaluation of  Cathodic Protection at Sogut-Altintas and   Eric-Mutu Pipelines, Turkey

Owner  : MOD Turkey, NATO Inf. Dept.

Construction Cost    : 749,018.-$

A/E services include locating the pipeline route and preparation of route maps, evaluation of the cathodic protection system and installation of permanent concrete pipeline markers along the Sogut-Altintas and Eric-Mutu Sections of the Western Turkey Pipeline System (WTPS) and Eastern Turkey Pipeline System (ETPS), respectively.

Scope of works is as follows:

           Sogut-Altintas            Eric-Mutu  

Length of the Pipeline ........... 133 km                 135 km

Total Mapping Area.............. 1330 Hectares      1350 Hectares

Number of Pipeline Markers...  312 ea                  320 ea


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Pipeline Route Map

Pipeline Route Map