Project Name and Location  : Sliac POL Facilities, Slovakia

Owner  : MOD Slovakia

Estimated Construction Cost   : 7,974,043.-$

GEMAS has prepared the NATO Type “B” Cost Estimate, which is equivalent to a 35% Concept Design, for the POL Facilities at Sliac/Slovakia.

Project covers 2 (two) each 500 m3 Protected Fuel Storage Tanks, Manifold Station which houses the transfer pumps, filter/separator units and a standby diesel generator, 2 (two) each Truck Refueling Pits, 10 m3 Drainage Tank, 10 m2 Personnel Shelter, 30 m2 Lubricating Oil and Chemical Fluids Storage, 6“ Pipeline connection to the existing Rail Loading Station, Security Fence around POL Area and rigid access roads and concrete pavement for loading/unloading bays.

Design Experience Sheets

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Flow Diagram

Storage Tank