Project Name and Location   : Segmented Housing Market Analysis, Incirlik Airbase, Turkey

Owner   : US Army Engineer District, Europe

Design Fee : 142,755.-$

GEMAS has prepared the Segmented Housing Market Analysis (SHMA) for Incirlik Airbase together with Michael Baker Jr., Inc. SHMA is a detailed study of the housing demand and supply in the vicinity of the Incirlik Airbase, to meet the housing needs of accompanied and unaccompanied US Air Force personnel.  Study analyzes the Military Family Housing (MFH), Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH) and off-base rental housing.

Existing buildings at the city of Adana near Incirlik AB are also examined in terms of earthquake risks and vulnerability against terrorist acts and a comprehensive report is prepared to fulfill the housing requirements of the US military personnel in short term and long term conditions.

Design Experience Sheets

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MFH Assets

Summary of Housing Supply