Project Name and Location  : Drainage Study, Incirlik Airbase, Turkey

Owner     : VBR Corp.

Design Fee   : 100,535.-$

GEMAS has conducted the Drainage Study at Incirlik Airbase and prepared a  comprehensive report for the existing conditions of the on-base and off-base storm drainage systems. For this purpose, all off-base drainage systems, which are inadequately sized and likely to cause storm water back-flow into the Airbase in 2, 10 and 100 year storms are examined and remedial recommendations are prepared to insure a healthy discharge of storm water to the exteriors of the Airbase. All surface and subsurface drainage systems inside the Airbase including catchment areas, manholes, nodes, physical condition and crossections of existing drainage pipes are examined and a computer model is generated with 2 year, 10 year and 100 year frequency storms. Finally, recommendations are made to improve and upgrade the drainage systems.


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