Project Name and Location  : Asbestos Abatement Works, Incirlik Airbase, Turkey

Owner   : US Army Corps of Engineers, Europe District

A/E Fee   : 56,000.-$

GEMAS has conducted surveys in Incirlik Airbase, together with Baker Environmental Inc., in 4 (four) consecutive phases, to find out Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) in buildings. For this purpose, asbestos-cement pipes and fittings, asbestos containing roofing felts, flooring felts, floor tiles, heat insulation materials at Mechanical/Electrical Rooms are examined and samples are taken from the suspected materials to find out the concentration of asbestos in the form of serpentine/chrysotile or amphibole (crocidolite/amosite). Samples are tested with light microscopy and electron microscopy techniques and recommendations are made for a safe disposal of ACM.


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