Project Name and Location  : Architectural Compatibility Guide, Incirlik AB   and GSUs, Turkey

Owner  : HOK Inc./HQ USAFE, Ramstein AB

A/E Fee : 291,000.-$

ACG is prepared by GEMAS A.S. as a subcontractor to US Firm HOK, in coordination with the HQ USAFE and VBR/BCE officials. A  Merit Award (2003) and an Honor Award (2004) is presented to GEMAS for successful and timely completion of the project.

Scope covers:

  • Architectural themes,forms,materials&details 
  • Building facades and roofing 
  • Mechanical and electrical design standards 
  • Environmental considerations    
  • Force protection and physical security 
  • Fire protection 
  • Solar energy
  • Exterior and interior signage
  • Landscaping and plantation
  • Fenestration standards
  • Exterior lighting
  • Drainage


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