Project Name and Location  : Restoration of Base Power Plant, Incirlik AB,   Turkey

Owner  : VBR Corporation

Estimated Construction Cost : 974,000.-$

Project covers removal of the existing 4 (four) each, obsolete 1000 kW, 4.16kV, three phase, 60Hz main power generators from Power Plant and installation of 4 (four) each, 750 kW, 4.16 kV, three phase, 50 Hz, US Government Furnished power generators.

New generators are capable of operating in parallel and project scope also includes metal clad type new cubicles for load disconnect switches, 4.16 kV circuit breakers, differential relays, synchronisation system, voltmeters, ampermeters, watthourmeters and other auxiliary equipment. A new outdoor type, 6000 kVA, three phase 4.16 kV/10kV step-up power transformer is included in the design, for connection of the 4.16 kV generators to the 10 kV power distribution system.


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Generator Exhausts

Cooling System