Project Name and Location  : Post Office, Incirlik AB, Turkey
Owner  : US Army, Engineer District, Europe
Construction Cost : 1,240,000.-$
- Receiving    
- Mail Sorting      
- Mail Distribution   
- Service Windows 
- Mail Boxes 
- Organizational Mail Holding Area
A/E services include topo surveys/soil investigations and preparation of architectural, civil/structural, mechanical (HVAC and sanitary), electrical (LV, telephone/data) and fire protection designs. Project is designed together with Yalcin Teknik Inc.
Post Office is a 600 m2, permanent, non-combustible, single floor building including the following spaces:
Building is designed as a reinforced concrete structure on grade beams and spread footings. The exterior walls are constructed of clay brick masonry units and a ventilated crawl space with surface drainage is provided underneath the building. The exterior finish is selected as a premixed and precolored exterior plaster on stucco.
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Post Office
Post Office