Project Name and Location  : Replace Family “Eagle” Housing Units,    Incirlik AB, Turkey

Owner  : MAKYAL-ERKA Joint Venture

Construction Cost  : 15,219,014.-$

A/E services include topo surveys and preparation of architectural, civil/structural, landscape-architecture, irrigation, mechanical (HVAC and sanitary), electrical (LV, telephone/data/CCTV) and fire protection designs.

Project covers demolition of 150 each existing housing units and construction of 100 each new ones at Incirlik Airbase. Project also covers asbestos removal, site clearing, replacement/ upgrade of utility systems and roads, new communication/CCTV lines and ductbanks, new transformer substations and LV feeders and recreation facilities including tennis courts, soft-ball fields, miniature soccer fields and children play grounds.

Design Experience Sheets

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Housing Unit

Housing Unit