Project Name and Location  : Hawler Airport Facilities, Iraq

Owner  : MAK-YOL Construction Inc.

Design Fee : 400,000.-$

A/E services include preparation of architectural, civil/structural, mechanical (HVAC and sanitary), electrical (LV, telephone/data/PA) and fire protection designs. Project is designed together with Yalcin Teknik Inc. as a subcontractor to "Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick & Co.Ltd." and some of the facilities within the scope of works are as follows:

  • Control Tower (325 m2)
  • Operations Building (1312 m2)
  • Fire Station (853 m2)
  • Maintenance Building (480 m2)
  • Fuel Storage Tanks (3x750 m3)
  • Cargo Building (3640 m2)
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Power Supply and Distribution
  • Water Supply and Distribution
  • Perimeter Fence and Internal Roads

Design Experience Sheets

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Control Tower

Internal Roads