Project Name and Location  : Hardened Accommodations Facility, Kabul,

Owner  : NAMSA

Estimated Construction Cost  : 7,788,914.-€

A/E services include preparation of architectural, civil/structural, mechanical (HVAC and sanitary), electrical (LV, telephone/data/PA) and fire protection designs.

Hardened Accommodations Facility (HAF) is planned as a two-floor building for ISAF at Kabul. Gross Internal Area of the facility is calculated as 7,095 m2. Total number of personnel occupancy  is 570, which includes 420 male personnel (22 each in single rooms and 398 each in double rooms) and 150 female personnel ( 8 each in single rooms and 142 each in double rooms). HAF is designed to withstand the blast effects of VBIED (1000 kg TNT equivalent detonation immediately outside the base perimeter wall) and PDF (IDF from 122 mm rocket and 120 mm mortar direct hit). Ablution distribution is maintained at a ratio of 1:7.91 which is in compliance with Tier III standards.

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Accommodations Facility

Accommodations Facility