Project Name and Location  : Hardened Avionics Workshop, Akinci AB,

Owner  : MOD Turkey, NATO Inf. Dept.

Construction Cost  : 16,785,000.-$

A/E services include topo surveys/soil investigations; preparation of architectural, civil/structural, mechanical (HVAC and sanitary), electrical (LV, telephone/data), CB filtration, fire protection and blast protection designs and supervision/inspection during construction. Project is designed together with Yalcin Teknik Inc.

Avionics Workshop is a "box within a box" type structure. Outer box consists of a protective burster barrier which is 195 cm thick, reinforced BS55 concrete. Floor slab, roof slab and the walls of the inner structure are 80 cm reinforced BS35 concrete and all openings to the exterior of the Workshop including doors, escape hatches and air handling ducts are protected against blast-shocks by blast doors, blast walls and blast valves. Usable area of the Avionics Workshop is 1750 m2 and the gap between the inner and outer walls is 150 cm. 200 cm gap between the inner and outer roof slabs is filled with pumice stone. Building is protected against the direct hit of 122 mm Rocket, 120 mm Mortar and 1000 lb General Purpose Bomb. Avionics Workshop is also protected against chemical and biological warfare agents by a CB filtration system.



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Avionics Workshop

Avionics Workshop