Project Name and Location  : Field Training Detachment (FTD) Facility,    Akinci Airbase, Turkey

Owner  : MOD Turkey, NATO Inf. Dept.

Construction Cost  : 1,060,000.-$


A/E services include topo surveys/soil investigations; preparation of architectural, civil/structural, mechanical (HVAC and sanitary), electrical (LV, telephone/data) and fire protection designs and supervision/inspection during construction. Project is designed together with Yalcin Teknik Inc.

Field Training Facility is a single floor, reinforced concrete administrative building over 2000 m2 in construction area. FTD Building houses classrooms, administrative areas, training laboratories, library, student lounge, instructor area, latrines and a mechanical room. Purpose of the building is to provide organizational-level maintenance training that is directly transferable to the F-16 aircraft. Training is provided for system operation, component recognition and location, adjustment/alignment, fault isolation and test procedures. Mobile Training Sets support training in classrooms and the laboratory environments.

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FTD Facility

FTD Facility