Project Name and Location  : Protected Aircraft Shelters, Akhisar AB,    Turkey
Owner  : MOD Turkey, NATO Inf. Dept.
Construction Cost  : 28,249,000.-$
A/E services include topo surveys/soil investigations; preparation of architectural, civil/structural, mechanical (ventilation), electrical (LV, telephone/data) and blast protection designs and supervision/inspection during the construction of 17 ea aircraft shelters. Project is designed together with Yalcin Teknik Inc.
3rd Generation Aircraft Shelter is composed of double corrugated galvanized steel liners backed by a reinforced concrete wall. Shelter front opening is equipped with a two leaf, motor controlled,  bi-parting door. Rear wall contains an exhaust port with a tapered tunnel which is protected by a concrete blast deflector. A reinforced concrete room is provided for the emergency generator behind the deflector wall. Internal dimensions of the shelter is 36.68 m (L) x 21.54 m (W) x 8.36 m (H).
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A/C Shelter
A/C Shelter