Project Name and Location   : Airfield Operational Accommodations (COMKAF HQ Building) at KAF, Afghanistan

Owner   : NAMSA

Estimated Construction Cost  : 3,157,756.-€ (Alt.3)

A/E services include preparation of architectural, civil/structural, mechanical (HVAC and sanitary), electrical (LV, telephone/data/PA) and fire protection designs. Scope of works covers 4 (four) alternatives as follows:

Alternative 1: Renovation of Kilo Hangar East/West Wings and Renovation of TLS Building partly as a Passenger Terminal and partly for COMKAF HQ functions.

Alternative 2: Renovation/Extension of Kilo Hangar East and West Wings for COMKAF HQ functions.

Alternative 3: Renovation of Kilo Hangar East and West Wings and construction of a Smaller COMKAF HQ Building (GIA: 795 m2).

Alternative 4: Bigger COMKAF HQ Building (GIA: 2300 m2).

All alternatives also cover the modification of the existing BOC Building to house a Joint Defence Operation Center (JDOC). Kilo Hangar East and West Wings and COMKAF HQ Buildings are planned as hardened facilities to withstand the blast effects of 122 mm rocket and 120 mm mortar direct hit iaw UFC 4-010-01 (DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings) and UFC 4-020-01 (DoD Security Engineering Facilities Planning Manual). PRC part of the TLS is planned as an unhardened conventional structure. All alternatives include Utility Connections, HVAC System, Power Wiring and Outlets, Standby Generator and UPS System, Lighting, Public Address System, Telephone/Data Outlets, Lightning Protection and Grounding and Fire Alarm System iaw NFPA with a wireless connection to the Main Fire Station of the Airbase.



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Kilo Hangar West Wing


Kilo Hangar

Kilo Hangar East Wing